N°86 - Jul-18

Society intends to tell the world we live in with the slogan of pleasure, demand and freedom. Its periodicity (bi-monthly) will allow to take a welcome distance from the news and place the story at the center of its editorial line. Politics, economy, science, culture, sports, news ... Society will address the 25-45 years with its singular approach that made the success of So Foot. Being at the heart of events, anticipating trends, accompanying cultural movements, being connected to youth, Society will alternate long papers (sometimes of ten pages) and short formats to better punctuate a pagination which will vary between 84 and 116 pages. The tone will be light and distanced, never professorial for this lively magazine whose model will always evolve.

3.90 €
  • Frequency : Bimonthly
  • Format / weight : / 200
  • Language : french
  • Reference code : M04887

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