N°15 - Mar-18

Antidote is a fashion magazine of international scope. A publication with the ambition to become an Indispensable event every six months, based on a captivating theme. Antidote remains true to its original concept, creating a book-like publication, by offering a different guest photographer the opportunity to co-produce each issue. The opportunity each season to deliver the unique vision of such artists as Giampaolo Sgura, Hans Feurer and Victor Demarchelier to a sophisticated readership in search of innovation. Each issue consists of contributions from writers chosen for their rapport with the theme in question: sociologists, historians, film directors, novelists, journalists, artists, etc. A diversity of tones that contributes to the vibrancy and completeness of the perspective offered by the magazine. As farsighted in its editorial as its fashion presentations are visionary, Antidote announces the trends to come in a powerfully creative milieu that endows it with unparalleled prescience.

15 € / 13£
  • Frequency : Biannual
  • Format / weight : / 1336
  • Language : french / english
  • Reference code : L15720

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